Organic wine standards could change for the better

on 25/10/10 at 2:17 pm


The Huffington Post occasionally notices wine, but politics are its main gig. When it does run a wine piece, it’s apparently edited by people who don’t know anything about the topic; some of its wine pieces have been embarrassing.

This week, the Huffington Post ran an innocuous, poorly written and edited piece about organic wine that nobody seemed to read; there are no comments.

Yet it’s actually a huge story, about US law regarding organic wine possibly changing for the better.

Here’s the deal. Currently, US law does not allow wines labeled as “organic wine” to contain any added sulfites. This is bad because sulfites preserve the fresh fruit flavors in wine. A wine without added sulfites is vulnerable to spoilage, and in any case can not be expected to last long on the shelf.

US law is out of sync with European law. The French in particular recognize the necessity of adding sulfites to wine; most of the “organic wines” you see from France have sulfites added.

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