In praise of mature wine

on 08/10/10 at 6:18 pm


“It may seem absurd to write a post in praise of mature wine–indeed, it’s one of those things, like sunny days and flowers in bloom, that people aren’t exactly rushing to oppose. But sometimes we still need encouragement to take time to smell the flowers and such is the case with enjoying mature wine. It has come up a few times in (offline) discussion that I have been in recently: do people still cellar wine? Is mature wine relevant? And, most pointedly, why do young people hate mature wine?

Drinking mature wines has many inherent risks. As with a young wine, the wine could be “corked,” or unredeemably musty smelling. (But the rate may actually be higher than with young wines since the cork industry has taken some steps to reduce cork taint in recent decades.) Storage conditions are often an unknown variable with mature wine, especially if you are purchasing the wine; improper storage conditions may prematurely advance the wine, or dry out the cork, allowing oxygen in (a symptom that is sometimes visible by wine trickling out).”

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