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Red Wine Is Your Friend: Counters Effects of Microgravity

on 15/07/11 at 11:44 am


We hope the astronauts aboard the space shuttle Atlantis on her final mission remembered to pack a few bottles of red wine — a smooth merlot, or light and fruity pinot noir, maybe even a robust malbec with a bit of kick to it. That’s because, according to researchers in France, drinking red wine can counteract some of the most common physiological effects of microgravity.

ANALYSIS: Space Beer Reaches for Final Frontier

Astronauts train long and hard to endure the rigors of a microgravity space environment, but even the best trained and most fit among them will experience a few negative effects once they get back on terra firma. Here’s just a few things they’re likely to experience:

Bone Deterioration. Our skeletons developed in response to Earth’s gravity, and the stress of all that weight-bearing activity actually encourages the formation of bone and strengthens them by increasing bone density. That’s why health experts often recommend weight-training regimens to ward off osteoporosis in older women, for example. In the shuttle’s microgravity environment, that constant stress is missing, and over time, this can lead to bone loss and demineralization of the bones.

{FULL STORY via Discovery News}

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