Refillables make for greener wine bottles

on 06/10/10 at 1:40 pm


Forget the cellar; everyday wines are meant to be poured, not stored. Which has led a handful of wineries to turn to the refillable approach in hopes of putting a cork in their bottles’ environmental impact.

Or, as Idaho vintner Stephen Meyer puts it, “Think green, drink red.”

Meyer is president and winemaker at Pend D’Oreille Winery in Sandpoint, Idaho, where a red blend called Bistro Rouge is sold in 1.5-liter glass bottles that customers can bring back, well washed, and get a refill at a discount from the regular price.

“It’s turned out to be just an awesome program,” Meyer says. “It’s a good deal for the customer, but more importantly it’s taking solid waste out of the landfills.”

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