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Romagna Sangiovese ‘different’ not inferior

on 21/11/13 at 9:35 am


indexThe Romagna offers a distinct version of Sangiovese that has been unfairly judged in the past and deserves to be reconsidered, wine writer Walter Speller has argued.

Speaking to the drinks business at a tasting of the Convito di Romagna in London, Speller said that Sangiovese from the Italian region has been unfairly judged, poor examples being signalled as a sign of the grape’s failings rather than where it has been planted and treated.

By contrast, he reflected, it seemed that wherever Pinot Noir was planted, it as a grape, could do no wrong.

However, he continued: “The cliché has always been it is a lower quality wine,” but, “wines can be tart and harsh if they’re not being taken care of. If you don’t plant Sangiovese in the right place it will never ripen.”

The Convito di Romagna, a group of eight producers across the region, have recently formed to promote a better image of the grape.