Schumer Uncorks Dismay Over Delay In Labeling Wine Bottles

on 09/07/11 at 6:11 pm


Sen. Charles Schumer wrote a letter today to the federal government over its delay in approving new labels for wine bottles, saying it is putting a cork in New York’s burgeoning wine business.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has to approve the labels that go on bottles of wine. But New York wineries say there’s a backlog, and Schumer was in the Finger Lakes today to air his complaints.

“This wine labeling backlog has far too many New York wineries over a barrel,” said Schumer. “These wineries are ready to get their delicious wines out the door and onto the shelves, but that wine release date is pushed back for months and months as they wait for label approvals. For an industry that is so important to New York, now is not the time to hinder the growth of such important businesses to the state’s economy. I am urging the TTB to work with New York wineries to streamline the label approval process so that NY-made wines can get off the shelves as soon as possible.”

He said the state has more than 300 wineries and it can take months to get a bottle’s label approved, slowing production.

Here’s his letter to TTB Administrator John Manfreda.


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