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Scottish government asks bars to serve wine in smaller glasses

on 23/01/14 at 10:55 am

Photo: Rex Features

Photo: Rex Features

The Scottish government has launched a campaign to get pubs and bars to sell wine in 125 mililitre glasses, instead of the 175 and 250 mililitre measures often served up. Alcohol sales per person in Scotland are almost 20 percent higher than in England and Wales, with the country suffering severe health problems as a result. We spoke to Dr Evelyn Gillian, Chief Executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, and asked her for her reaction to the wine glass proposal.

She points out that 125 ml used to be the standard measure, and the bigger measures have crept in over recent years. And though she welcomes any measure to improve the situation, she believes that nothing significant will be achieved without increasing alcohol prices and reducing availability.

Drinking in Scotland overall seems to be declining, yet the number of problem drinkers continues to go up. “Numbers have gone down since 2006, but our consumption is at historically high levels,”says Dr Gillian. “We’re drinking twice the amount we were in the 1960s, alcohol-related hospital admissions have trebled over the past 30 years, so there’s certainly no room for complacency.”