Sonoma County: Worst grape harvest in recent memory

on 28/10/10 at 10:04 am


Elias Torres, owner of Torres Vineyard Management, holds a rotted bunch of zinfandel grapes from a section of the Halling Vineyard that was ruined by this year's weather. Photo: Beth Schlanker/The Press Democrat

The fiery red leaves dotting Sonoma County vineyards on Wednesday provided vibrant proof that the grape harvest is nearly over.

But hanging underneath the colorful foliage were dismal reminders that 2010 was the worst grape harvest in recent memory, with financial losses possibly setting new records in the county.

Elias Torres, a longtime grape grower, bent underneath the canopy and cut loose a cluster of rotting grapes from the Halling Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley.

Normally the three-acre vineyard would yield 10 tons of premium zinfandel grapes worth about $25,000, but this year it was a total loss.

“The sun fried it all. We won’t pick one grape,” he said. “It has been the worst harvest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been in business since 1974.”

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