South American Wine – Wineries in Chile and Argentina lead the way

on 24/09/10 at 10:18 am


There’s just something. There’s just something about wine in South America, sommelier has the edge of their seats and local wine and dinner to be filled with wine, that our world is running one of the richest wine regions. Malbec from Argentina current rage in some circles. Over the past ten years, the wine cellars of South America have become famous.

The South African wine industry is simply booming. Aboutover the past decade, Argentina and Chile, in particular, were to make a name. From Argentina, Malbec has earned a place in the years as one of the most acclaimed wines of the last five and Chile has become a major exporter of wine in the top of the world. Other South American countries are following suit and turning America into a continent, to be known for more than beautiful landscapes and rich culture.

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