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TGIC Launches New Distributing Company, TITAN Wine & Spirits

on 24/02/11 at 1:15 pm


Alex Guarachi, President/Founder & Importer of the Year 2010

TGIC Importers, Inc. which received the award from Wine Enthusiast’s Magazine as Importer of the Year recently, has launched a new distributing company in the state of California–TITAN Wine and Spirits.

TGIC has been its own distributor in the state California and now this new division will become an independent organization. Under the TITAN name, the organization is set to have a more independent and designated sales force, independent accounting and order processing.

“This separate company, TITAN, will be viewed as a state-wide distributor. As we grow TITAN Wine and Spirits, we will be adding more sales people and more team managers, which will provide an even larger increased presence out in the California marketplace. California is the Number One wine-consumption state in the country,” added Alex Guarachi, Founder and CEO. “We also look forward to welcoming new, up-and-coming brands. We are poised to provide complete circulation to the right brands while also maintaining a structure whereby we can monitor them closely, and give them consistent attention.

“Our management style has always involved extremely strategic planning, tremendous focus on customer trends and the ability to react to changes in the market,” said Alex Guarachi. “This not only allows TGIC to thrive, but to expand and take on new and promising brands.”

The announcement comes as welcome news against a backdrop of layoffs and downsizing in the wine and spirits industry. The anomaly of TGIC’s growth, resulting in TITAN’s launch, could be seen to mark evidence that all good things are possible with strategic planning and commitment to TGIC’s mantra, “always over-deliver on quality.”

TGIC is launching TITAN Wine and Spirits with the goal of covering the entire state of California. With this in mind, Alex Guarachi, decided to double the sales force to 50 people – to start with. This includes three new broad market managers, and two new chain managers.

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