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The Thanksgiving Conundrum: What Wine Should We Serve?

on 06/11/10 at 5:38 pm


There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there when it comes to picking wine to serve on Thanksgiving.

Every year, there’s a call for all-American Zinfandel with its big black currant and berry flavors. And then the chorus of voices urging you to back away from the Zin, saying its juiciness will overpower the meal, and its potent alcohol level will put you to sleep before the tryptophan kicks in. You’ll see loads of recommendations for food-friendly Pinot Noir, with its silky texture and fresh acidity. And others will urge you toward Gamay, Barbera, Riesling, you name it. For every article that declares “Cabernet is the ultimate All-American Thanksgiving wine!” there are three that ask, “Are you crazy? Cabernet?”

So let’s just all relax a little. This isn’t a test you have to pass. There is no single perfect Thanksgiving wine.

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