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The really big ruckus over ‘Two Buck Chuck’

on 12/08/14 at 10:20 am


imagesCharles Shaw wine, aka “Two Buck Chuck,” is one of the best-selling products ever sold at Trader Joe’s, topping 800 million bottles in 12 years.

Now the man behind the brand is seeing red, and it has nothing to do with cabernet sauvignon. A blog suggested that Two Buck Chuck is inexpensive for several unflattering reasons, including large-scale machine harvesting, which ends up throwing everything into the wine, including animal blood.

“You just wonder what other propaganda gets put in the press that you don’t know the real facts about,” said Fred Franzia, CEO of Bronco Wine Company, which makes and sells Charles Shaw wines.

‘We’re in the grape-picking business’

The “propaganda” Franzia refers to is a blog by a writer named Chris Knox that showed up on The Huffington Post last week.

“These aren’t hand-picked vineyards. … They are machine harvested,” Knox wrote. “Everything, and I do mean everything (including all those unripe grapes, rotten grapes, leaves, stems, birds, rodents, and insects) gets tossed into the crusher and transferred to largest tanks to ferment. So think about all the animal blood and parts that may have made their way into your wine next time you crack open that bottle of Two Buck Chuck!”

Franzia’s reply: “He didn’t know what he was talking about. He’s never been in a vineyard, doesn’t understand it.”