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The Six Kinds of Women Wine Consumers

on 20/07/11 at 5:19 pm


Women are a much more interesting consumer segment for wineries. Therefore, according to their personality, they have been segmented into six types of wine consumers: curious, traditional, light, enthusiast, young and indifferent.

Until recently, it was said that white wines are ideal for women or that they only drink whites. On the contrary, today, many of them prefer reds, including full-bodied and well-structured wines displaying aromas such as chocolate, vanilla and leather.

Definitely, there are several kinds of consumers and each of them has their own taste and well-defined motivations. Therefore, a research was conducted to know the different types of women wine drinkers found in the market.

Two studies were published few weeks ago. One of them carried out by a French news agency and the other one was recently conducted by the Spanish Observatory of Wine Market (Spanish acronym: OEMV) and published by the “El Mundo” newspaper.

The six women consumer segments are the following:

Curious: this group accounts for 24% of the total, they are between 40 and 50 years old. Their favorite beverages are red and white wines of great style and elegance. They drink it during meals, appetizers, and with friends. Their consumption level is high.


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