Top 10 best family wineries in the world

on 15/09/10 at 7:01 pm


Gallo Winery/Modesto, California

The going gets tough at the top of the wine tree; it’s a case of market slowdown globally as family companies secrete boardroom decisions to survive past the first decade of this millennium. Elsewhere, with listed wine organisations, the scene is far worse as companies shed brands, assets and amalgamate to provide their shareholders with more agreeable value.

Family companies have been the most resilient entities during any periods of difficult trading circumstances. This review pays homage to those generations who have innovated, toughed it out, strategised and remained at the helm of considerable vineyard, winery and brand assets. There are some families who did not make it, and the suicidal plight of the great German riesling estate owners comes to mind, though even that country category has breathed new life in the past five years.

Two of the top four most influential brands, the US producer Gallo at number one, and the Australian Casella Wines at number four in the World Power 100 are featured. This allows these two powerhouses to extend their sales reach and continue to invest in brands in new ways. The social media generation is likely to dilute the conventional cache of these market dominant families. They will be making new wines for new times, and need favourable and integrated media to hold their position in the Power 100 for 2011. Positions of dominance in the future are likely to change rapidly.

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