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Top 10 things to do in downtown Napa

on 29/06/12 at 8:21 am


The region of Napa, California is well-known for its award-winning wines.  What is perhaps less well-known is the availability of wine tasting in the city of Napa.

In part 4 of my 4-part series on the city, I highlight some of the best wine tasting in and near downtown Napa.

1.  Luscious Wine Tasting

The beauty of wine tasting in downtown Napa is that your group can stroll from tasting room to tasting room. Including wine bars, there are over twenty wine tasting locations here, and they are the only tasting rooms for some of the finest boutique wineries.

If you stop in the Downtown Napa Visitors Center before you start, you can pick up a wine tasting card and sample at twelve different tasting rooms for $25.

If you want to explore, there are also several wineries only a short drive away.  Consider driving at a few of the wineries on the perimeter of town to start, then work your way downtown to finish off the day.

Here are a few favorites:

Napa, District4 Wine Bar. Photo: S. Perkovich

Winery Tasting Rooms – Downtown

District 4: home to four amazing boutique wineries (Fulcrum, Match Vineyards, Textbook and X Winery), and one awesome blending experience.

  • Fulcrum makes a beautifully balanced Pinot Noir.  Check out their ’09 On Point Christinna’s Cuvee Pinot.