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Top 10 Wine Trends in Hong Kong

on 14/06/12 at 11:28 am


A bottle of wine, made locally by the 8th Estate Winery in Hong Kong on September 14, 2009. The winery is producing the territory's first ever 'Made in Hong Kong' label with over 100,000 bottles produced to date which are sold for 30-35 USD per bottle. (Mike Clarke/Getty Images)

There is a burgeoning wine industry in Hong Kong where consumer demand is rising and tastes are changing, while high profile events and bloggers spread the emerging trends.

The wine industry in Hong Kong has come a long way since the dropping of import duties in 2008 and wine drinkers in the city are becoming more adventurous with the expanded wealth of wine options on offer.

The upsurge in wine pairing with Chinese food has opened new doors to experiences that local drinkers would not have otherwise explored. Also, the traditional wines usually consumed are being caught up by demand for new and more interesting varieties from differing wine producing countries around the world.

Take a peek at the top 10 trends currently making waves in the Hong Kong market.