Top 100 Washington wines

on 05/12/10 at 1:06 pm


THIS IS the fifth year that The Seattle Times is publishing a list of the Top 100 Washington wines I have tasted in the past 12 months. I offer it with these caveats. First, I have not tasted every Washington wine released in the past year. Even my time-tested tongue takes a break now and again! Second, a few of these wines are sourced from vineyards in Oregon. Nonetheless, if the winery is bonded in Washington, I consider it a Washington winery.

Finally, quite a few new releases are coming out just after this goes to press, and so may either be absent from the list or represented by a vintage now out of date. All that said, it’s a fun list to compile, and based on reader comments from past years, a fun list to read and argue over.

The methodology is simple. I look through a year’s worth of tasting notes and select one wine from each of 100 wineries for inclusion. All but three of these wines scored 91 points or higher (out of 100) in my reviews for a national wine publication. They are ranked first according to their score and within each scoring category by price. Among all 93-point wines, for example, the least expensive will rank highest, and the most expensive lowest. The original suggested retail price is also listed.

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