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Take a trip to Chile’s amazing Apalta Valley

on 08/11/10 at 11:45 am


Clos Apalta Winery & Casa Lapostolle biodynamic winery, which uses gravity rather than pumps to move the grapes from vine to vat

“With a few beads of sweat on my brow and an expanse of wintered grapevines behind me, the Residence at Casa Lapostolle loomed overhead. In stark contrast to the humble, simple Chilean homes that dot the countryside, the winery building is a gleaming marvel of modern architecture. Tucked literally into the hills ringing the valley, tall beams run up the outside of the building’s round hull, curving up and over the roof like a wooden crown. A winding road – mercifully paved – wound up to the roof where, in a lofty aerie of a garden, the winemakers receive their guests. There, with all of Apalta’s vineyards laid bare below and protected by a formidable wall of granite mountain, foreign visitors are reminded: Don’t underestimate Chile.

Apalta abuts the Colchagua Valley, one of Chile’s largest wine producing regions and home to such vineyards as Montes, Los Vascos, and Santa Rita. Apalta, a smaller valley carved into one corner of Colchagua, is accessed via a single bridge which opens onto the two-lane road that winds through it.”

{Full story via Andes Wine}

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