Ugh. Eastern Vineyards Confront New Pest

on 10/09/10 at 4:59 pm


The brown marmorated stink bug will feed on tree fruits, small fruits, vegetables and native plants. Photo Courtesy of: The Bugwood Network at the University of Georgia and the USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine program.

First it was the multi-colored Asian lady beetle (MALB) invading Eastern vineyards and imparting a nasty flavor to the wines. Now it’s a stink bug from China. The East has always had several kinds of native stink bugs that have co-existed with orchards and vineyards without causing any major problems, mostly because these half-inch long, shield-shaped insects did not seem to feed on fruit.

In 1996, however, an invasive species, the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), was first found in Allentown, Pa. (“Marmorated” refers to its marbled or speckled shell.)

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