UPDATE on cooperage taint issue: Federation of French Coopers disputes remarks of Bordeaux lab

on 20/09/10 at 1:02 pm


The Federation of French Coopers is astonished by Mr. Chatonnet’s remarks, recently relayed in the press whereby he alleges that coopers show scant interest to the risks of developing cork taint in new barrels.
Mr. Chatonnet represents a laboratory based in Bordeaux, which is one of many other laboratories operating in France and in the rest of Europe. His allegations are not only inaccurate but also demeaning for the French cooperage profession, leaving it intrigued as to the motivations of their author when he insinuates that the problems encountered are more and more frequent and severe.
Through their Federation, and as they have done for many years directly with their clients (wine producers whose skills cannot be called into question), French coopers would like to point to the principles, rules and works demonstrating that, on the contrary, they have paid much attention to this matter.

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