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Vermouth: It’s What You Should Be Drinking This Summer

on 17/05/15 at 3:21 pm


vermouth-main_3296927bVermouth is having a moment in the sun, but if you think it’s just for cocktails, think again, say Tom Sandham and Ben McFarland.

We were recently invited into an uber cool advertising agency to be quizzed on drinking trends. We’re pretty cool guys, yeah? And we were all, like, eating free pastries and saying: “shoot” to these guys and they were all “hold fire, you guys – are the aces in their places? OK, shoot.” And we fired both barrels at them, because this refers to giving them information and is both a shooting reference and you can put alcohol in barrels. And lo, they were blown away.

Alas, there were no actual guns in that particular meeting, and when “the agents” announced plans to “square the circle on top of a flagpole when we touched base off line”, we discerned they were not our people and left for a local Soho bar. Here we discovered all the lighthouse customers (“early adopters” apparently) were not drinking the beverages we’d identified in that meeting, but were actually drinking vermouth. All of them. Every single one. Honestly.