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We love this guy so he’s excused for launching another celebrity wine

on 07/12/15 at 1:12 pm


Graham the winemaker

Graham Norton, of English chat show fame…and well-deserved, we might add…launched his very own SauviGNon blanc and it has flown off the shelves in the UK and Ireland.

It is said that Graham spent a whole day tasting a few samples from six different vineyards in the Marlborough region and came up with his very own blend. Now he’s a winemaker!

Look, we don’t begrudge Graham Norton success in whatever the hell he wants to do…we are huge fans…but it is stretching credibility to think that wine drinkers will buy any ole wine based on a celebrity name. OH WAIT. That assumption is COMPLETELY WRONG. Of course, they will. Ok, more power to them because we might even buy this one…that’s how much we love this guy.

Carry on, Graham Norton! You’re awesome!Graham-Nortons-Own-Sauvignon-Blanc