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What Rosé Should You Drink? A Guide to Styles of Rosé Wine

on 12/05/14 at 9:20 am


imagesSomeone told you somewhere that rosé wine is both manly and sophisticated. You may not have believed them at the time —because of the pink hue—, but now at least you’re curious. So what are these gentleman-friendly rosé wines and which ones should you try? This simple guide outlines some of the most popular styles of rosé from around the world.  …

Grenache Rosé

Style: Fruity

Tasting Notes Usually a brilliant ruby red hue with notes of ripe strawberry, orange, hibiscus and sometimes with a hint of allspice. You’ll find wines of Grenache to have moderately high acidity, but since most have quite a bit of color and body, typically you’ll want to serve them cold to keep them zesty. Perfect pairing with this wine would be a summer evening and takeout Greek Gyros with dill tzatziki.

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