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What’s the Best Wine Opener for You? What about a screwtop?

on 02/09/13 at 3:11 pm


different-types-of-wine-openersNo matter how much you love boxed wine, wine bottles and corks are not going out of style any time soon. Explore the major styles of wine openers to find the one that’s right for you; from the portable waiter’s friend to the old-hands friendly electric wine opener.

The Waiter’s Friend

Extremely portable but requires moderate skill.

I admit that this is the best wine opener out there for anyone who is a serious wino. A waiter’s friend has many variations, including the double-hinged model (pictured) which alleviates the brut-force required to remove a cork.

Waiter’s friend corkscrews range from the modest ‘Pull-Taps’ to the Lamborghini-like ‘Laguiole.’

How use a Waiter’s Friend like a Pro