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Wine Blow-out Sites Please Your Palate & Your Wallet

on 18/04/11 at 9:48 am


Thanks to the recession, luxury markets have suffered, among them, the wine industry; not the Two-buck Chucks of the world, but the more elegant (read: expensive) offerings from the great wine producing regions such as Sonoma, the Gironde, and Burgundy. Those bottles retailing at a price point that most of us would have to gulp deep before paying have been glutting the market.

How can you benefit from the wine producer’s problem? A byproduct of this overproduction is the emergence of wine blow-out websites. These sites offer substantial discounts, usually on one wine each day, sold directly to you the customer. For example, Winestillsoldout.com on April 13 offered a Castlebank Cabernet Sauvignon that originally retailed for $24.99 for $13.99. Wine.Woot! was selling a two-pack of 2006 Oso Vinyard and Rutherford Cabs, which normally list for $100, for $59.99 plus $5 shipping.

How can these sites offer such deep discounts?

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