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Wine tasters…Zalto luxury stemware unveils specialist spittoon

on 23/06/11 at 9:35 am


Zalto is launching a lead-free crystal spittoon to complement its range of stemware.

The new product is 10cm high with a capacity of 0.5 litres, designed for use by a single person, although the glass manufacturer, based in Austria, is also introducing a slightly larger version with a capacity of 2l.

Explaining the decision to introduce this specialist product, Zalto’s Thomas Zichtl told the drinks business: “Many of the finest wine producers in Austria and Italy are using Zalto to present their wines to the public at either fairs or at their wineries, and while the top wines are served in Zalto glasses at professional tastings, the sampled wine is very often returned into a plastic bucket or some kind of cooler with a lid.”

Continuing he said: “We did not like this ‘Stilbruch’, or clashing with the style, so Zalto thought about an aesthetic solution and the Zalto ‘Restweinkaraffe – as we call our spittoon – was realised, with a big one for the table and small one for professional tasters.”

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