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Wine tastes better with food. As it should. Here’s why.

on 04/06/14 at 10:53 am


index“The biggest weakness of wine reviews is that they usually don’t tell you how the wine tastes with food.

Which is crazy because 99% of the time people drink wine, not all by itself, but with food. Even if you’re drinking wine as an afternoon pick-me-up, chances are you’re also noshing on little munchies. This is why, when I was a professional wine reviewer, I tried as often as possible and within the limitations of space on the printed page, to recommend certain food pairings.

After all, as Julia Child said, “Wine is meant to be with food—that’s the point of it!”

We can all agree on that. Where things get dicey is the exact nature of the wine and food pairing. And the truth is, of all the myths and silly stereotypes about wine that have ever been perpetuated, one of the silliest is that certain foods must be eaten with certain wines—or certain wines should never be poured with certain foods.

Those rules were written by the wine-and-food police, who have done more to intimidate wine drinkers than almost anything else over the years.”

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