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World’s first square wine bottle launched. What do you think?

on 22/10/13 at 3:22 pm


indexTruett-Hurst have released the world’s first square wine bottle launching ‘California Square’ – the wine that doesn’t cut corners.

California Square, created by design firm Stranger & Stranger’s Kevin Shaw, is an elegant package that harkens back to classic spirit bottles with their square shape and memorable art. Embossing, vintage graphics, and lush deep shades of gold, burgundy and cobalt blue are features that were selected to appeal to celebrity’s taste and style.

The entire line of California Square wines, crafted by winemaker Virginia Marie Lambrix, was featured during the Emmy Awards weekend in September and “the three wines were a huge smash”. They include; a Russian River Valley Chardonnay, Paso Robles Cabernet, and Paso Robles Three Red Blend.

The designers have said “If the wine industry turned over to square instead of round bottles we’d save almost a million trees in outer cardboard boxes alone, not to mention savings in shipping and storage.  So, we’ve created California Square. And it’s gone bonkers.”

“The bottles won’t roll away if placed on their sides, they can be repurposed as olive oil dispensers or vases, and they are easy to store – you ‘don’t need a wine rack, just some book-ends.”