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Yikes. Parker sues Galloni for Fraud, Breach of Contract

on 26/03/13 at 4:07 pm


a1The Wine Advocate filed a lawsuit against their former wine reviewer Antonio Galloni today! Galloni previously wrote wine reviews for Robert Parker and The Wine Advocate, covering California, Italy, Burgundy and Champagne. CIVIL ACTION NO. 1:13-cv-827 The action is for “Fraud, Breach of Contractual Obligations and the intentional and unjustifiable withholding of tasting notes and articles.”

This is shocking news to many wine lovers. Websites all over the Internet have been buzzing over the past few weeks that a lawsuit was inevitable after Robert Parker took on investors from Singapore for the Wine Advocate and Antonio Galloni resigned. Shortly after the abrupt departure of Antonio Galloni, Robert Parker stated he would return to writing about, and rating California wine again, much to the pleasure of his enthusiastic, subscribers. On March 19, The Wine Advocate announced it had added 3 new, reviewers to their team, adding they would announce the identity of one new critic, April 2. The others would be named shortly after thereafter. Robert Parker is currently in Bordeaux at the moment, tasting the 2012 Bordeaux vintage. Parker is also going to taste the 2003 Bordeaux vintage during the same trip.

Prior to the sale of The Wine Advocate, speculation was rampant that Antonio Galloni would eventually take over the publication. The conventional wisdom was Antonio Galloni, who has a background in finance would potentially purchase the influential journal The Wine Advocate, from Robert Parker. When that was no longer an option, with very little notice, Galloni informed Robert Parker and the new owners stating, he was no longer interested in working as an independent contractor for the company.