New Zealand: Creating a scale to match consumer expectations to pinot gris styles

on 19/09/10 at 6:44 pm


New Zealand's wine regions

New Zealand’s love affair with pinot gris has seen plantings of the variety in our vineyards blossom, increasing by close to 1000 per cent over the past decade. However, the huge array of styles in which the variety is made can make buying a bottle feel more like a blind date than a rendezvous with an intimate amour when it comes to judging just what you’re going to get.

Granted, styles of local gris have settled down. Once upon a time even the same producer could produce something rich, soft and sweet one year, and the very next vintage, makes it dry and zesty. Most are generally now gently off-dry, although when it comes to weight and intensity there’s still considerable variation.

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