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5 Types Of Beer That Shaped Canadian History

on 12/06/13 at 1:39 pm


blogo2Brown ale, porter, pale ale, lager and craft beer help define Canada.

Canada can learn a lot about its history by looking at five types of beer, says author and beer connaiseur Ian Coutts.

The Canadian author said Canada became a beer country due to environmental factors because wine has only been made in small areas throughout the nation.

Here are the five types of beer that have shaped Canada, as defined by Coutts:

Brown ale.Brown ale. (CBC)

Brown ale

A pioneer beer made by “guys in the tub” in rural areas in the late 18th century.

The beer was simple to make but unpredictable because you could not control much about the taste or colour.

Porter.Porter. (CBC)


The first industrial beer, which we started importing from overseas.

Canadians began drinking it regularly during the establishment of proper breweries and taverns.