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A Booze News Favorite: Kern River Citra Wins Peoples Choice Award!

on 16/02/11 at 4:25 pm


The traditional kick-off event for San Francisco Beer week is the Bistro’s Double IPA festival.  This year marks the 11th year for this event and KRBC’s Citra DIPA was there along with 56 other Double and Imperial IPA’s.

In addition to the professional beer judging, the drinkers get to pick their favorite every year; Russian River’s Pliney The Younger has won this prestigious award 5 years in a row.  This year’s winner?  Citra!  A big thanks goes out to Vic, who puts this event on, and the other breweries that showed up with their fantastic beers – cheers!

BoozeNews: This beer is killer. Congrats to Kern River and may they make kegs and kegs of it so we can have it all year long.

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