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Beer In Cans Tastes Just Fine, Thanks To The BPA Coating

on 25/01/11 at 6:22 pm


My recent post Celebrating 76 Years of a Disposable Culture and Lousy Beer sparked some debate, not about the disposable can vs refillable bottle as I might have hoped, but about whether beer in cans is lousy or not.

Many readers thought that beer in cans tastes just fine, and one pointed me to an article explaining why: the cans are lined with epoxy made with Bisphenol A.

The article, in Chow.com, notes that micro-breweries are beginning to can their beer, thanks to changes in canning technology that make it affordable for smaller breweries. And why doesn’t the beer have that metallic taste?

That’s because aluminum beverage cans–whether Fat Tire, Budweiser, or Mountain Dew–are lined with a thin, food-grade polymer coating, which means the beer never touches metal. (The coating does contain BPA, but according to New Belgium’s Tinkerer blog the amount is minuscule.)

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