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For Father’s Day: Samuel Adams Utopias & IPAs deconstructed

on 01/06/11 at 8:26 am


The special-occasion sipper is back: The limited edition 2011 Samuel Adams Utopias, the world’s strongest naturally fermented brew, is in stores now – just in time for Father’s Day.

If you’re new to Utopias, which retails for $150 a bottle, the most important thing you need to know is it’s much more like a cognac or port than a beer. It’s uncarbonated and it should be served at room temperature. In fact, the only hint that this is beer fermented with ale yeast (and other yeasts typically used for wine and champagne) is the bottle cap hiding beneath the screw-off lid – well, that and perhaps the “Sam Adams” scrawled on the side of the bronze ceramic bottle.

Having tried previous years of Utopias, it’s interesting to see how much the flavors change each year. The 2011 brew is strongly maple in flavor, but complex as this year’s batch was finished in sherry casks, which add nutty oak, toffee and honey notes to the completed drink.

According to Sam Adams, the flavors intensify over time, giving it better flavor as it ages.

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