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Goose Island Outsourcing Some Production to East Coast

on 23/02/11 at 8:46 am


The Chicago Journal had an interesting article in last week’s edition about the good growing pains at Goose Island. Craft beer, if you’re a reader of this site, is a booming business, and the article reported that Goose Island would move brewing all of its brewing of Honker’s Ale and India Pale Ale to a contract brewer in New Hampshire. Contract brewing is a common practice for craft brewers who either wish to keep their beer as fresh as possible for their customers, or to start getting their product out to the masses. Boston Beer Company, the largest American-owned brewery, has contract brewers across the country. Half Acre was criticized by some for initially starting out with a contract brewer. They’re now the fastest growing brewery in the city. So we placed a call to Goose Island brewmaster Greg Hall to get some clarity on their move to produce Honker’s and IPA on contract.

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