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How to Make Beer Ice Cream Correctly

on 13/07/12 at 10:10 am


It’s tough to make a case for drinking thick, heavy porters and stouts during the sweltering summer months. So here’s a better idea: Make ice cream with them.

Beer ice cream is nothing new; restaurants have been serving Guinness ice cream for years. Sweet, creamy beers like porters and stouts actually make for much better ice creams than, say, the lagers and ales that are more suitable to drink in warmer weather: Reducing the thick beers brings out dessert-like undertones, especially if you’re working with an already sweet beer such as Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero (an imperial stout) or a Maui Imperial Coconut Porter.

Pastry chef and Fluff Bake Bar owner Rebecca Masson invited my boyfriend and me into her kitchen to show us how beer ice cream is made after we failed terribly at making our own at home. There are more than a few tricks and tips, it turns out, and the Cordon Bleu-educated chef showed us all of them, starting with this one:

“Don’t pour the beer directly into your ice cream base,” Masson advised as she set up two pots to boil, each one full of beer.