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Latest shot filed in Colorado beer war

on 15/03/11 at 8:11 pm


Lawmaker rehashes fight over selling full-strength beer at grocery stores.

State Rep. Larry Liston on Monday fired the latest salvo in the ongoing war over beer in Colorado.

Liston, R-Colorado Springs, filed legislation that would allow convenience stores and groceries — which now can sell only 3.2 beer — to sell full-strength beer.

“It’s basically bringing Colorado into the 21st century,” Liston said. “I’m doing it on behalf of the consumers of Colorado. The consumers recognize the need for a modest change for convenience and flexibility for themselves to be able to buy their full- strength beer, be it in a grocery store, convenience store or liquor store.

“To them, beer is beer.”

Three bills in prior years to allow convenience stores and groceries to sell full-strength beer have failed, and none of the measures ever made it to the floor.

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