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Minnesota: Surly Brewing Reveals Expansion Plans

on 14/02/11 at 12:23 pm


Surly Brewing, the Brooklyn Center-based brewery, is calling on the state of Minnesota to change a law in order to create a $20 million brewery and restaurant/bar event center that will not only help grow its business but will also support the local economy.

Over the past five years, Surly Brewing has gone from virtually unknown to one of the Twin Cities’ most popular microbreweries and a national player when it comes to notable beer. Winner of various national brewing accolades and awards, the Minnesota brewer produced nearly 12,000 barrels of beer in 2010 (that’s almost 3 million pints of beer), up 32 percent from 9,087 barrels in 2009 – overall, business is up 1,272 percent since its launch just five years ago.

Surly Brewing Toasts Five Years in 2011

“We’ve had an unbelievable five years,” Surly Brewing Founder and President Omar Ansari said. “We’ve already expanded several times and we are ready to take a big step to continue to grow our business and brew even more beer to meet demand.”

{Full story via Beer Advocate}

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