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The Nanobreweries of Long Island

on 07/01/11 at 9:35 pm


Long Island has in the last year become a tender hub of nanobreweries: As many as four are in operation or will be in operation by the middle of 2011. Two of those distribute in the city (which itself hosts no nanobreweries, as far as I was able to find—if I missed one, please let me know: tacitelli@observer.com).

Nanobrewers are the garage bands of the craft beer movement. Somewhere along the line someone—a friend, an older relative, a girlfriend (supportive wives, in fact, abound in this mini-universe)—sat them down and made them try the zymurgical equivalent of Exile on Main Street, and they absorbed the riff on “Rip This Joint,” and thought, “Hey, why not me?”

So they did a little research; talked it out with the people who needed to know; cobbled together some monies; re-arranged some furniture; got up earlier and stayed up later; and diligently set about a march to the big-time, dreams of Jim Koch and Ken Grossman in their heads. They would not fail. Damn the odds.

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