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Palestine’s Taybeh beer heads for global domination

on 06/01/13 at 9:11 pm


imagesTaybeh, which is Arabic for ‘delicious’, is a village 35km north of Jerusalem in the Occupied West Bank. It also happens to be the name-sake of a tasty drop of alcohol that is gaining a glowing reputation for its crisp, fresh taste, despite its unusual roots.

Now the rest of the world is starting to hear about the wonders of Palestinian ale, with the founders firmly eying up the US market, which itself has recently seen a micro-brewery boom, as part of a $5 billion-strong industry.

Japan, a country with a taste for beer, drinking 9 billion litres of the stuff each year, is starting to get on board the Taybeh bandwagon too. Around ten per cent of the 60,000 barrels the brewery makes a year, head over to Tokyo and beyond, making it the largest market for the company.

In the hopeful days after the 1994 Oslo accords, the Khoury family set-out out to start the first microbrewery in the region. Taybeh even predated Israel’s first attempt at locally brewed beer.

Master-brewer and co-founder, Nadim Khoury, said: “Well, I want to make something for my homeland, for Palestine. I’m a risk-taker, I’m an entrepreneur. I believe I just want to do something different than any others in Palestine,” Israel’s Ynet news organization reported.

Khoury added, “Palestinians have lost their nationalistic feeling for so many years because we’ve been under the wars, under occupation, and now they are proudly serving Taybeh beer in bars and we create a good market in Palestine.”