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Paper-wrapped beer inspired by New York squats

on 15/04/11 at 3:48 pm


Compelling product stories have long been a selling point for alcohol brands, who often conjure nostalgic imagery in an effort to capitalize on their heritage. Now, hoping to draw upon a more unconventional story, we recently came across Doss Blockos and their paper bag-wrapped beers inspired by the New York squat scene.

The beers and their “down and out” aesthetic are produced by Melbourne-based East Ninth Brewing Company. Inspired the creativity that thrived in the New York squat fraternities of the 1990’s, the lager’s appearance is designed to evoke an underground sub-culture of art, music and partying. As such, each bottle comes wrapped in a brown paper bag (traditionally used to hide a bottle’s alcoholic contents from the police), and the name “Doss Blockos” is a reference to the Dos Blockos building in New York — a focal point for the New York squat scene in the 90’s. The lager’s flavor is also meant to be reminiscent of the stripped-back approach to brewing that was prevalent in the squats, with a malty flavor, all natural ingredients and 4.6% ABV.

Being based in Melbourne, the lager can’t claim to have any (still) made here appeal. However, their attempt to stay true to New York’s squatting ethos, if not location, may offer them the sense of authenticity so sought after amongst alcoholic beverages. How could you harness your brand’s provenance to add extra appeal? (Related: More beer for women.)

Website: www.e9thbrewing.com

SOURCE: Springwise

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