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Quick update from the Craft Brewers Conference in SF

on 25/03/11 at 11:25 am


In a Beer Business Daily dispatch from the Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco earlier today, the invaluable Harry Schuhmacher reports that

The Brewers Association came out full force in favor of self-distribution legislation for small brewers with a limit in barrelage in each state;

Anchor Brewing has absorbed Preiss imports, which bring Scotland’s BrewDog and Australia’s Coopers to these shores, and is now the official importer of those brands; Preiss was owned by Anchor’s new owners, Keith Greggor and Tony Foglio;

Anchor is apparently creating a new and larger distillery across the street from the brewery (this is not made entirely clear) and will ramp up production: Greggor and Foglio were spirits gurus in their previous lives.

If I were there, I’d probably be out drinking and not getting the news to you, so let’s decide that my being stuck back here in the cold and wet winter than just will not end is, in the end, a Good Thing.

Well, you guys can do that.

I’m pissed.


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