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The Beer Dream Team Collaborates

on 25/03/11 at 12:04 pm


Two famed American brewers come together to create Savor Flowers.

From domestic partnerships to international collaborations, it’s indisputable that there’s a special camaraderie among brewers today. More now than ever, trendsetters in the industry are working together to create unique and exciting brews fueled by creative beer-geek brainstorming and a love for bringing new flavors to consumers. These special offerings are typically limited edition bottlings, with small runs and production numbers resulting in a consumer frenzy to grab whatever is released. The bigger the names and brewery reputations, the higher the expectations and demand.

Enter Jim Koch of Samuel Adams and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, two of the beer world’s most notable personalities—the former a man many consider to be the godfather of the modern American craft beer movement , and the other, a rock star visionary with whom everyone wants to have a pint. Koch’s and Calaglione’s groundbreaking individual beers have inspired many brewers to think outside the box; now the two have teamed up on an equally innovative product called Savor Flowers.

{Full story via Wine Enthusiast}

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