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Thomas Jefferson’s Beer Makes A Comeback On President’s Day

on 31/01/11 at 4:47 pm


The thing about America is that it was founded by not just politicians. Our founding fathers were a lot more than that. They were multi-talented Renaissance men. Their talent and interest stretched out into various topics, even into the complicated art of wine and drink making.

Former president George Washington distilled both brandy and whiskey in his estate at Mount Vernon. Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States is known to have brewed beer at his Monticello plantation. Thomas Jefferson’s beer was highly popular with his friends and contemporaries

Thomas Jefferson’s Beer

In the past, the Mount Vernon estate has recreated the peach brandy and the rye whiskey made by Washington. Now, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation has announced that they will be recreating the popular Thomas Jefferson’s beer. They have also announced a tie up with Crozet based Starr Hill Brewery who will offer Monticello Reserve Ale to the mass audience, thereby ensuring that the Thomas Jefferson’s beer returns.

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