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True story. Man brews beer in his stomach.

on 20/09/13 at 8:50 am


indexA 61-year-old man in Texas has stunned medical experts in the US, after they discovered he was making his own home brew – in his stomach.

The man spoke to nurses in the casualty department at his local hospital after complaining that he felt dizzy. The nurses gave the man a breathalyser test and he blew 0.37%, which is nearly five times the legal limit, but the man insisted that he had not consumed any alcohol.

US website NPR reported that doctors still thought the man was a “closet drinker” despite his claims to be alcohol-free. The man’s wife told doctors that she was so concerned with her husband’s constantly drunk condition that she would regularly test him with a breathalyser.

Barbara Cordell, the dean of nursing at Panola College in Carthage, Texas, told NPR: “He would get drunk out of the blue — on a Sunday morning after being at church, or really, just anytime.”