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Want to give your beer better head? There’s a thingamajig for that.

on 23/01/17 at 2:32 pm


Ultra_images_1024x1000_3Another item you didn’t know you needed. No, it’s not a dildo. If you’re a devoted beer lover, then this thingamajig is for you. It’s a portable handheld device called, UltraBeer, that you stick into your glass of beer for a couple of seconds in order to create micro bubbles – “repeat as often as desired or until all CO2 has been released from the beer.” What do you get for this hand action? A nice little micro-foam head that supposedly makes your drinking experience oh, so much better.

You probably have the required two AAA batteries from your other thingamajig so you’re good to go for 30 minutes and hundreds of beers. The UltraBeer, for now, is only available in the U.K and they don’t ship to the U.S. But just in case you’re visiting the Queen, you can get one while you’re there or ask a friend to bring you one.

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