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What does a $115 bottle of beer taste like?

on 03/02/11 at 5:21 pm


So just what does a $115 beer taste like?

Think cognac crossed with sherry, Grand Marnier and a side order of maple syrup. As a beer, it’s flat as a pancake.

The Star put together a tasting panel after scoring one of 70 bottles of Samuel Adams Utopias brought into the LCBO. More than 1,600 people entered a lottery for the privilege to buy a 26-ounce bottle. I found out I won the right to fork over the cash two weeks ago, and picked up the frosted gold bottle on Monday.

Wine critic Gord Stimmell’s well-trained palate detected plenty of sweetness, a hint of citrus and a similarity to fortified wines.

“I found it very sherry-Madeira like, with caramel, dried tangerine peel, brown sugar and maple syrup notes. Very oxidative style and quite sweet on the palate,” said Stimmell.

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