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10 Reasons to Love Champagne

on 29/12/10 at 5:27 pm

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“Brothers, come quickly! I’m drinking stars!” That’s what the monk screamed throughout the Benedictine abbey after he tasted his new discovery – Champagne. The monk’s name? Dom Pérignon.

And now: Dom’s bubbly secret is a beloved drink of celebration all over the world. This effervescent alcohol is the most popular refreshment for making merry, and it is easy to see why:

1. Champagne indicates a celebration. If you are sipping from a flute of champagne, chances are that you are experiencing one of life’s happy moments: weddings, birthdays and holidays. Champagne is a drink of jubilation that shows up when warm memories are being made.

2. The pop! When you hear a champagne cork POP, it immediately lifts your spirits and signals to your brain that a party is about to go down. There is perhaps no sweeter sound in the universe than that of a cork popping!

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