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5 Ways to Booze Undetected Like a Ninja Assassin

on 04/02/11 at 12:37 pm

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It’s no secret, ninjas are stealthy assholes.  If only drinking copious vodka tonics in light of your nephews baptism were that easy.  Listen to your Sensei young grasshopper, you have much to learn in the art of concealment.

There are rare occurrences that call for concealed drinking – Easter Sunday, high school football games, and your boss’s daughters graduation.  Crashing through Aunt Fran’s glass coffee table after 3 bottles of Merlot screams “Merry Christmas a-holes, enjoy the fruitcake!”  While this move is classy – Aunt Fran is getting sick of buying coffee tables.

You need to be taught in the arts of stealth drinking.  The art of disappearing in a smoke cloud of undetected drunkenness.  Here are five ways to booze undetected like a ninja assassin…

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