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Artisanal Spirits: Forcing People from Their Comfort Zones

on 21/11/12 at 10:11 am

Booze News

People are devoted to their liquor brands.  And often militantly so.  I’ve found that, sometimes, the only way to get them to try a local, artisan spirit is to simply NOT carry their tried-and-true old standbys.  Remove them from the equation entirely.  Plain and simple.

If you’ve ordered a Grey Goose Martini up with a twist the last twenty times you’ve gone out to dinner, it’s pretty safe to say you’ll do so the next twenty times you go to dinner.  In your eyes, that brand is the only brand that gets you.  Its a safe, warm lighthouse in the dark, stormy seas.  A haven waiting fireside after hours of being jostled through the icy jaws of your day.

So, this puts us, a restaurant wholly devoted to local, craft spirits in a jam.  Sure, we can grab patrons when they’re young, impressionable and up for experimenting (Jesus, I sound like a schoolyard crack dealer), but what about the stalwarts?  The diehards who will go to battle defending their Ketel Ones, their Stolis, and their Absoluts like a soldier does his flag.  Don’t fuck with my life raft–this is what I got going for me; the only pure, reliable thing I ask for.